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6 Ways to Watch History Channel Without Cable in 2023


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Dec 14, 2023
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History Channel is rare – it’s both entertaining and educational. You can laugh along with Pawn Stars and grab the edge of your seat with Alone. See how to watch History Channel without cable and catch all your favorite shows in this review.

Which Streaming Services Offer History Channel?​

A cable subscription is not necessary to watch the latest episodes of Curse of Oak Island, American Pickers, or Ancient Aliens. There are multiple ways to see what theVikings have been raiding.

If you’ve been wondering, “how can I watch History Channel without cable?” here are the six best live TV streaming options.

1. Philo​

Philo is one of the cheapest ways to watch History Channel. The one knock against Philo TV is that it doesn’t offer access to sports channels like ESPN or FOX Sports or local channels.

Still, a simple over-the-air antenna like the Mohu Leaf, can get you local networks.

The live TV streaming service has over 70 channels of popular lifestyle and entertainment networks. If you like reality TV, the app is also a good choice.

Philo is best for someone who doesn’t need a premium service, but want live TV.

You can try the service with a seven-day free trial.

Learn more about how to get History Channel without a cable provider in our Philo review.

Pricing & Packages$25
Supported DevicesiOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV + more
Simultaneous Streams3
On-demand libraryYes

2. Frndly TV​

The terrific choice to watch History without cable is Frndly TV. The service is a newer streaming platform that competes well with Philo.

Frndly TV has over 40 networks, regardless of the tier you choose. It includes History Channel and Military History in its channel lineup.

Frndly TV mainly focuses on lifestyle and entertainment networks plus several niche sports channels. It’s also a good choice if you like reality TV.

The platform is also the cheapest option to stream MeTV if you like classic TV shows from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Frndly costs a mere $7.99 per month for its base package. You can upgrade to its Classic or Premium plans for $9.99 and $11.99 per month, respectively.

The main difference is number of simultaneous streams and DVR capabilities.

If you don’t need much, and have an antenna, Frndly is a legitimate alternative worth considering. You can also test it with a seven-day free trial.

Read our Frndly TV review to learn more about the budget live TV streaming service.

3. Sling TV​

Sling TV is a streaming app to select if you want live sports and cable news, without a large bill. It has an easy to use interface and live guide as well as reliable streaming quality.

Sling has two base packages – Blue and Orange.

History Channel is available with the Sling TV Orange package, which also includes ESPN. The app also doesn’t include local broadcast affiliates in most markets.

Sling usually doesn’t give a free trial, but it does offer money-saving promotions. Recent examples include the first month for half-off or discounts on a device.

Read our Sling TV review to learn more.

Pricing & PackagesOrange - $40 / Blue - $40 / Orange + Blue - $55
ChannelsOrange - 30 (ESPN) / Blue - 42 / Orange + Blue - 50+
Supported DevicesiOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV + more
Simultaneous StreamsOrange - 1 / Blue - 3 / Orange + Blue - 3
DVR50 hrs. - Free / 200 hrs. - $5/mo.
On-demand libraryYes


There’s a lot to like about DIRECTV STREAM, formerly AT&T TV Now, as a cable replacement. Its menu and navigation are easy to navigate and to use.

DIRECTV STREAM has a variety of popular channels at a high streaming quality.

You can stream History Channel online with its base plan. This plan lets you watch content live and go back up to three days to watch shows that have already aired, on demand.

If you want a more cable-like experience, DIRECTV STREAM has four plans, with higher-end ones including more channels, including premium ones.

You can try the service with a five-day free trial to see if it’s for you.

Read our DIRECTV STREAM review to learn more.

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Pricing & Packages4 packages. Entertainment - $80 / Premier - $165
Channels65 to 140+
Supported DevicesiOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV + more
Simultaneous Streams20
DVRNo limit
On-demand libraryYes

5. Vidgo​

Vidgo is a newer way to stream live TV. The platform makes it easy to watch shows and games with others anywhere through social sharing features and chat rooms you can join while watching TV.

*Related: Love the NFL, but want to ditch cable? Read our guide on ways to watch NFL games without cable so you don’t miss a snap.

It offers channels in three plans – Plus, Premium, and Ultimate. History Channel is included in all of the plans.

Other popular channels offered by the streaming provider include ESPN and Fox Sports and a full suite of lifestyle and entertainment networks.

Vidgo has two key drawbacks though – it’s light on news networks and does not currently offer a cloud DVR. It has added Advanced Playback to give you 24 hour playback for anything you’ve missed recently.

Furthermore, there is no free trial to test the streaming app.

Read our Vidgo review to learn more about the service.

Pricing & PackagesEnglish & Spanish - $69.99+
Supported DevicesiOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV + more
Simultaneous Streams3
DVRNot yet
On-demand libraryNot yet

6. Hulu Live​

Hulu with Live TV is another top way to stream History Channel live. The Hulu Live TV channel list is good and you get access to it’s massive on-demand selection of TV shows and movies.

Like other services, Hulu Live has no contract or you can downgrade your service to Hulu traditional at any time.

All subscribers also receive access to the Disney bundle with their plan. This lets you watch Disney+ and ESPN+ content. Disney+ has National Geographic content, which is popular with History Channel fans.

Unfortunately, the service does not offer a free trial.

Read our Hulu with Live TV review to learn more.

DVRNo limit
Pricing & Packages$76.99 - $89.99 (no ads)
Channels80 + locals
Supported DevicesiOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV + more
Simultaneous Streams2 - Free / unlimited - $9.99
On-demand libraryYes

Can I Watch History Channel on YouTube TV?​

It is not possible to watch History Channel on the YouTube TV live service. Although it has a competitive channel guide, it doesn’t include History.

Many subscribers will pair the service with Frndly TV to get access to the network.

Read our YouTube TV review to learn more about the streaming platform.

How to Stream History Channel Online​

If you want to watch History Channel online live free, you’re out of luck. You need a code from a cable subscriber.

While you can stream some History Channel shows free online, you cannot access the network’s full content without a subscription to a cable provider or streaming service.

That goes for the History Channel app and website, too.

Some History Channel shows are available on Netflix or legacy Hulu, but it varies. Since Netflix changes its content often, your show could be there one day and gone the next.

An affordable streaming service like the ones mentioned here are the most reliable and comprehensive ways to watch History Channel without cable.

However, Discovery+ can be a good option if you don’t need live TV. The on-demand platform has content from 20 works, including the History Channel.

The service is just $4.99 a month and has a seven-day free trial to test out the service.

Can I Watch History Channel on Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, or Roku?​

Stream History Channel through any of the following apps or platforms:

Read our review of the Amazon Fire Stick to see why we love the dongle and how it allows us to get content.

You can even watch the History Channel online without cable on your computer or laptop’s web browser.


You can watch your favorite History Channel shows without cable with any of the streaming services mentioned here.

If you aren’t sure which option to choose, work through the free trials above and find the best option for your needs.

What other channels keep you from cutting the cord?

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