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9 Biggest Beauty Trends on TikTok and Instagram in 2024


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Dec 14, 2023
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The beauty trends of 2024 are seeing significant changes, driven by a growing movement towards healthy, glowing skin, aesthetic inclusivity, and non-toxic beauty products.

The biggest influence on the beauty trends of 2024 is the Aesthetic movements on TikTok.

From Y2K to Goth and Grunge, TikTok influencers have brought back past aesthetics, and makeup artists embraced nostalgic frosted eyeshadow and high-shine lips.

Beauty trends

There’s still a lot of emphasis on bold, geometric eyes as people seek to draw attention to the only area visible above their masks.

In this article, with the help of 9 beauty industry experts and makeup artists, I’ll introduce you to the best beauty trends of 2024.

We’ll be covering (no pun intended) skin, hair, nails, eyes, and lips and introduce you to the best beauty products for each trend, from LED devices to scalp products and Korean face masks.

Bleached Eyebrows



‘Bleached eyebrows’ is another popular beauty trend, with a similar effect as Goth-style shaved eyebrows, that’s taken over the runways of London, Paris, and New York.

The bleached eyebrow first appeared in the 1990s fashion scene and was further popularized by DSquared2 and Richard Quinn runways.

The purpose was to give the models’ faces an ultra-smooth, extra-terrestrial-like appearance.

Bleach Eyebrows Beauty trends

The bleached brows beauty trend contrasts the natural, bushy brow trend that has dominated the beauty scene for some time now.

One of the few makeup trends loved by makeup artists, this beauty trend is ideal for those looking to shake up the traditional brow game.

Moreover, bleached brows emphasize extravagant eye makeup styles, as shown below.

Graphic Eyeshadows



The beauty trend of bold, graphic, powerful eyes has emerged because people have to emphasize further face parts not hidden by their masks.

Versace launched the neon green and blue eyeliner with massive wings, while Kenneth Ize is credited with creating a beauty trend with eyes from brow to lash in metallic shadow.

Graphic Eyeshadows Beauty Trends

Marine Serre’s approach to this beauty trend is chunky black wings, while Dior pushes for an artsy double-wing look.

Another beauty trend is the symmetrical eyeshadow colors; try playing around with mixed pastels, like blue and green, or dip into a neon eyeshadow palette and opt for a hot pink and bright yellow.

So, break out your blackest liner and brightest shadows because expressive eyes are slated to become one of the season’s biggest beauty trends.

Refined Masculinity



Male-marketed beauty and grooming is booming, predicted to generate global sales of $81.2 billion by 2024.

It showcases a gradual change in social norms around how masculinity is perceived and defined, alongside a growing interest in self-care and makeup for men.

Makeup for men beauty trends

The number of brands offering beauty products for men is rising, and we expect to see more male celebrities following Harry Styles, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Yachty, and AJ McLean.

Moreover, there are several emerging beauty categories for men designed to be incorporated into their daily routine, from removing dead skin to organic infusion for radiant skin.

Glossy Lips



After two years of lips hidden under face masks, the bold, glossy lip beauty trend is back with a vengeance.

This year, you’ll swipe on your brightest and boldest color, not just for first dates and parties but also for WFH meetings and running errands.

Choose vibrant red lipstick, and if you’re not sure which shade works best for you, narrow down your skin undertones and choose between a warmer or cooler-toned lip shade.

Glossy Lips Beauty Trends

Glossy lips, as a beauty trend in 2024, mean overly sticky lip gloss that’s bound to catch any rogue hair it can find, if you know what I mean.

Another beauty trend catching your lips this year is burgundy lips inspired by the Grunge aesthetic.

Layer on a bold burgundy lip color, or for a more lived-in, blurred lip effect, dab your lipstick on the center of your lips, then smudge and blend it out with your finger.

Glittering Skin

Glitter beauty trends


Several beauty brands, including Blumarine and Marni, love shimmery, glittery skin, further strengthening the Y2k fashion comeback.

The former beauty label sent models down the runway with exposed skin coated in a thick, bold layer of body glitter, while the latter had models appear with intensely shimmering skin.

Glittering Skin Beauty Trends

At the same time, Del Core covered just a few of their models’ faces in a bold explosion of bronze drops and lots of glitters.

One of the most loved beauty trends of this year is the glittering, shimmering, radiant-looking skin, expected to take over music festivals and beaches worldwide.

Natural Middle-Parted Hair

Natural Hair


Middle-parted hair is another beauty trend gracing this season’s runways.

The trend follows the ‘slick, shiny, wet-looking pixie cut hair” beauty trend last year, showcased by designers such as Versace, Dior, Richard Quinn, and Giorgio Armani.

This year, we see a lot of high-end and designer brands, particularly Prada, Etro, and Fendi, using the middle-parted hairstyle, either naturally or in several variations.

Middle Part Hair Beauty Trends

Although it may seem simple, to keep your hair fresh and healthy, the middle part of the beauty trend requires some work and unique products to get it right.

You can have your hair either down or in updos, as long as you allow your faces to be fully exposed.

Microbiome Clean Beauty



The microbiome clean beauty trend ties into Google Trend search for ‘microbiome skincare’ that has been growing by over 5000 percent in the last 12 months.

Alongside a rise in skincare featuring pre-and probiotic additions intended to rebalance and strengthen your skin, this beauty trend, alongside fermented beauty, will play a big part.

The market for clean beauty products (with fermented elements that boost microbiome) is already huge in Japan, Korea, and globally via TikTok.

In Europe, many innovative startups work with organic materials such as maple bark extract, coffee extract, blueberry extract, and banana flower extract to create their versions of microbiome-friendly beauty products.

TikTok Face Masks


According to industry analysts, skincare is the frontrunner in the global expansion of beauty, with lots of innovation in 2024.

This TikTok beauty trend lies in a health-conscious approach of prioritizing quality over quantity and improving skin health over hiding aging aspects like wrinkles.

Central to this is calming increased sensitivity caused by mask-wearing, overuse of aggressive skin care, and skin stress caused by exposure to pollution.

The trend is driving interest in ingredients such as sea plasma, marine collagen, astaxanthin, and forms of algae to address consumers’ growing concern over protecting their skin against blue-light radiation.

Nail Art

Nail Art Beauty Trend


It is not just the face that plays canvas to creative and celebratory looks, using joyous embellishments like face gems, makeup, and stickers.

The nails of 2024 showcase a beauty trend of escapist landscape-style designs, from geode to galaxy nail art and from regenerative nail polish to organic press-on nails.

Overall, the nail color (art, style, and trend) of 2024 is pushing towards the realm of ‘subtle.’

Nail technicians and at-home artists have spent lockdown perfecting their skills, including illustrations that look like pieces of art, chrome manicures, neon colors, and many swirls.


These beauty trends are shaking up the industry, from fluffy brows, two-toned eyeshadow, fresh takes on the cat-eye look to natural hair and organic makeup.

As a reminder, this article was put together with the help of 9 beauty industry experts and makeup artists, focusing on the latest beauty trends through clean beauty remedies and extra skincare benefits.

From neck masks (so long, tech-neck) to microbiome skincare, these top 9 beauty trends right now will make you look forward to this year, according to the pros.

The beauty boom of this year continues with overarching themes set to trend for at least two to three years, so get ready to express yourself through products and styles.

Last but not least, remember that no trend is permanent – we’ve learned over the previous two pandemic years that life is uncertain – so embrace and enjoy these beauty trends while they last.

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