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Chapter Book Cats!


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Dec 14, 2023
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Happy International Cat Day!

Do you have a favourite chapter book cat? We have several on our bookcase including newly published cat stories as well as older favourites. Baking cats, book cats, musical cats, superstar cats and a cat whose only aspiration is to sit next to a kitchen fire


Jasper & Scruff: The Great Cat Cake-Off by Nicola Colton

Jasper and Scruff The Great Cakeoff - Story Snug

Jasper & Scruff: The Great Cat Cake-Off is a page turning, early reader with a colourful cast of animal characters, delicious food, a wonderful villain and fabulous illustrations. Jasper the cat loves cooking and fancy food while boisterous puppy Scruff much prefers to eat but, despite their differences, they make a great team when they open their new diner.


Marshmallow Pie the Cat Superstar by Clara Vulliamy

We immediately warmed to Marshmallow Marmaduke Vanilla-Bean Sugar-Pie Fluffington-Fitz-Noodle (Marshmallow Pie for short) who belongs to a little girl called Amelia. Amelia is determined to make him into a cat superstar. But that is easier said than done…

Marshmallow Pie the Cat Superstar - Story Snug


The Secret Kitten by Holly Webb & Sophy Williams

The Secret Kitten - Story Snug

Lucy and her brother William are adjusting to moving into Gran’s house, going to a new school and making friends. Lucy would love a kitten but Gran doesn’t seem that keen on animals. Is there any way that Lucy’s wish for a kitten can come true?


Harper And The Scarlet Umbrella by Cerrie Burnell & Laura Ellen Anderson

All the cats in the City of Clouds, including Harper’s beloved cat Midnight, have gone missing. With the help of a magical scarlet umbrella, her friend Nate with his pet wolf, Smoke, and her friends from the Tall Apartment Block where she lives, Harper sets out to solve the mystery.

Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella Story Snug


Gobbolino The Witch’s Cat by Ursula Moray Williams & Catherine Rayner

Gobbolino The Witch's Cat - Story Snug

We love the story of Gobbolino who doesn’t want to be a witch’s cat like his sister Sootica, he just wants to be a kitchen cat. Gobbolino has several adventures while trying to find a place by somebody’s fire and finds an unlikely ally in Sootica when his final adventure puts him in danger.


The Book Cat by Polly Faber & Clara Vulliamy

The Book Cat takes us back in time to London in World War Two. This wonderfully heartwarming story is inspired by a cat who made his home in the offices of publisher Faber and Faber and was also the inspiration for a poem in T S Eliot’s Old Possums Book of Practical Cats.

The Book Cat - Story Snug


We also found several picture book cats on our bookshelves. Classic picture book cats include Wilbur from Winnie the Witch, Judith Kerr’s Mog, Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen’s Jasper stories and Meg and Mog who were childhood favourites of mine. The Three Little Pugs and the Big Bad Cat is an amusing twist on the story of the three little pigs, Lazy Cat makes us laugh and we also had fun reading about a messy cat in The Messy Book. Cat’s Colours introduces children to colours and The Little War Cat is inspired by the experiences of Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel, The Cat Man of Aleppo, whose work helps animals and people affected by the Syrian conflict.

Winnie the Witch - Story Snug

Jasper's Beanstalk - Story Snug

Lazy Cat - Story Snug

The Little War Cat  - Story Snug

Which cat stories will you be reading on International Cat Day? Do you have any favourite chapter book cats to add to our list?

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