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Day 2 in Punta Arenas


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Dec 14, 2023
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Hello Everyone,

Today is day 2 for us here in Punta Arenas. Some of our team members arrived little late last night so everyone got to sleep in a little more this morning.

We went to ALE office for Cocktail & Flight Dispatch Briefing where we met up with other climbers who are going to be climbing at the same time like us. Afterwards we stop by one of the famous local restaurants for quick lunch. Then we did our gear check, to make sure everyone is well equipped and have all the necessary gear for Antarctica. We ended our day by enjoying the Welcome Dinner in one of the best restaurant in town.

We will go back to ALE office tomorrow to check in our checked bags and get a boarding pass for our flight to Antarctica. If all goes well we are schedule to fly to Antarctica on December 30th. We will keep it posted for our friends, families and loved ones back home. Stay tuned and thanks for following us along.


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