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Do Your Vaca Come Con Gas? December 15 Update


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Dec 14, 2023
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Hi Folks, After scarfing some eggs and quesadillas for breakfast in the AMG dome tent at Camp Gaunacos, 18,000’, our team moved up to 19,600+’ to Camp Cholera, the high camp for Aconcagua and our high point for this expedition, in just over three hours. We trekked into a stiff headwind with 3 or 4 other teams who were all thinking the same thing we were: use the short weather window to complete the traverse of the mountain before the next bout of even higher winds comes through, and stays. Many teams have had to “settle” for this option, with weather just not looking good for summit attempts. On our descent of the Ruta Normal, the camps had largely been vacated given the forecast. The 6,000’ descent brought us to Plaza de Mulas and a reception of hamburgers and Coca Cola, a large relaxation tent, bean bag chairs and internet. It’s a hard knock life. An hour after the hamburgers we were served asado, again. Tomorrow we will wait for our mule teams to bring our duffels and trekking gear and make preparations to trek out the Horcones valley on the 17th. Disappointing to not get a summit, but sometimes the goal is the journey and not the accolade. Every climber has a list of summits not got, and the more dedicated the climber, the longer the list. The team should be proud. Cheers, Evan Miller Alpine Ascents
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