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Farewell Dinner in Punta Arenas


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Dec 14, 2023
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Hello & Namaste Everyone,

It’s been a pleasure to be around and climb with all the team members of A & L Stay Strong team. Today was the last official day with everyone on the team for the expedition. We enjoyed our farewell dinner, shared memories, laughed as usual and gave hugs to each other for the safe travel onwards and forwards.

I personally like to thank each members for being such a team players and working hard as a team to make this expedition a successful one, also wish all of them a safe and successful climb in near future.

At the mean time, would like to thank everyone back home for all the love and support for us. Until the next time on different mountain I would like to officially announce that the expedition has come to an end and hope you all have enjoyed following us.

Vern & Jangbu

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