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Food, food and more food.


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Dec 14, 2023
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Another day ended with full bellies here in Argentina! Everybody in the group is now saying they need some exercise after all the food we’ve been eating, meals have been our main activity for the past couple days. That’s good, because tomorrow we’ll be trekking into Confluenzia, our first camp of the trip!

We started the day in Mendoza, bussing out of the city toward the mountains. A quick stop for Argentinian BBQ, ribs, potatoes, empanadas and we were back on the road to Los Puquios we’re the pack mules live. We can’t quite see the mountain yet, but we’re spending the night at an old ski resort called Los Penitentes just outside Aconcagua Provincial Park.

Everyone is enjoying their last night in a real bed and excited to get on the trail tomorrow!

Until tomorrow,

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