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Hummingbird mama & her eggs


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Dec 14, 2023
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A hummingbird mama has chosen our 3rd avenue store to build a nest and lay her eggs. Assistant Manager Cameron tells the story of when they noticed her.

March 8th​


“We are doing our best to be mindful around her and her nest – it’s a bizarre and paradoxical reality having this wild creature nesting in the plant nursery – we want to respect her and allow her space and time to be herself. We’re working on balancing being super proud of her and wanting to show her off, while also being respectful and protecting her in this somewhat precarious environment. Of course, we are super excited, but we also don’t want to stress her out and risk losing the eggs, so we will continue to monitor, observe, and preserve.”

March 16th

We are so very proud to welcome to the world, Jelly Bean #1!

After much anticipation, we were so pleased to find that the first of Momma’s two eggs had hatched. After waiting for the moment she left the nest so we could take a peek, I couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed in the midst of greedily snapping photos as she suddenly came back and hovered emphatically a mere foot and a half from my head. I could feel her asking me, “what do you think you’re doing?…” Anyone who has been fortunate enough to experience a hummingbird flying close to them knows the incredible energy emitted by these tiny creatures – I could feel the vibration of her wings as much as hear it. Needless to say, I quickly retreated, apologizing as I went. Between tasks, we all took turns gawking in wonderment at the majesty of nature unfolding before us.

She does still leave the nest to forage. Now, upon her return, she perches on the edge of the nest and feeds the youngster… and then plops back down to keep it and the remaining egg warm. We are intrigued by how she changes the orientation of the egg and hatchling in the nest. The photos help explain this orientation change!

Looking forward to Jelly Bean #2… More updates as they happen.

March 17​


The babies are here!!!

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