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Our team returns to Mexico City


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Dec 14, 2023
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Greetings from the biggest city in the Americas! What a change from the rugged scenes of Orizaba that we enjoyed yesterday! Today we left Zoapan after one more excellent breakfast at the Orizaba Mountain Guides compound and retraced our steps back to Mexico City. En route we stopped at the Aztec ruins of Teotihuacan and spent the afternoon walking up pyramids and learning about life in pre-Hispanic times. We stood at the base of the third largest pyramid in the world, saw original frescos that have survived millenia, and even got to enjoy the acoustic anomaly created by the arrangement of stairs between pyramids that make a handclap echo in such a way that it becomes the sound of a quetzal. After a full afternoon in Teotihuacan we finished the drive back to Mexico City and got settled into our hotel in Roma. We went for a delicious taco dinner and closed our time together with a toast to our successful trip! I’m very proud of all of the effort each member of our team has put forth to make this an outrageously fun, productive trip. With our journey complete, tomorrow our team returns to the US, and I’m sure dreams of a next mountain adventure will start to stir. Thanks for tuning into our cybercast and following our adventure!
our team returns to mexico city

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