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Skree musketeers in base camp


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Dec 14, 2023
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Hello, dear readers! Today we started with breakfast at 5:30am so we could have the duffle and all the gear ready for the mules. The arrieros have a long day going to base camp and then all the way back to the ranch we started on day 1.

First obstacle of the day was wading an extremely cold water river at 6:30am. Some crossed the river with the a mule and some got into the water.

We made it to base camp in less than 6hs, which is below the average time. Weather was clear and we had a great view of Aconcagua’s east face throughout our hike.

Here they received us with some snacks, fruit and a large charcuterie board. After setting tents we had the rest of the afternoon to relax.

After dinner we had a toast for new year and talked about our goals for next year (other than summiting Aconcagua).

That’s all for today from here. Hope you all have a great 2024 start.

Feliz año nuevo!!

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