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Skree musketeers in Plaza de Mulas


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Dec 14, 2023
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Hello dear followers! Yesterday was our summit day push. Forecast wasn’t to promising, but it hasn’t been for most of the days this complicated season.

We left Colera camp at 5am with our headlamps. It was very cold but wind was very calm, compared to the forecast. The last 1/4th of the way to the summit is the hardest. Trail is not marked, terrain is loose and the high altitude makes everything harder. Luckily weather was on our side and we made it before 3pm to the summit.

We returned to camp Colera by the end of the day, tired but happy. Today we descended 5300ft to the base camp on the west side of Aconcagua, in just a few hours.

Plaza de Mulas (14,000ft) is the 2nd largest base camp after Everest’s. It’s a small town with lots of tents, domes, even an art gallery! Here we had a late lunch, then dinner and now we are watching a movie.

Tomorrow we have a long day to the entrance of the park. Goodnight!


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