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Team Crazy Horse rigs up for glacier travel!


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Dec 14, 2023
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Hola friends, family and loved ones, Challenging weather conditions kept us grounded in Union Glacier today. However we took this minor setback as an opportunity to prepare before our arrival to Vinson Massif, the highest mountain in all of the Antarctic. Jangbu gave a great seminar on how to put on the climbing harness correctly. We fabricated leg prussik slings to aid with self extraction from crevasses. Everyone learned how to efficiently lay out a rope for glacier travel. After “buddy check “ our team took a little tour of the campsite. After a hearty lunch we were back at it learning fix line techniques that will enhance our safety on the slope While practicing, we were alerted that the clouds were lifting at Vinson base camp. So we dropped what we were doing to pack up camp and loaded the plane. Unfortunately it was a false alarm, what is known as a “sucker hole” and a few hours later we unloaded the aircraft. Though disappointed we remain optimistic for flying tomorrow. Come climb with us. All our best, angbu, Vern, and Crazy Horse
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