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Team Lucky Mule Shoe Hikes To Canada Camp


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Dec 14, 2023
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Today we made an acclimatization hike to Canada Camp (16,600 ft), our last acclimatization hike from Plaza de Mulas. The elevation of Canada Camp is very similar to that of Cerro Bonete, but the ascent is much shorter in distance. The team looked strong and ready to begin the upper mountain portion of our climb.

The base camp staff served us a phenomenal Argentinian barbecue as a special Christmas Eve dinner.

Today’s mule shoe bearer received instructions directly from the mule shoe that the next bearer must be chosen via a riddle. And so, with much ceremony and extravagant discourse, the next mule shoe bearer was chosen via a riddle challenge.

We will take a rest day tomorrow and make final preparations for our ascent of the upper mountain.

Feliz Nochebuena!


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