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The Team climbs La Malinche


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Dec 14, 2023
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Hello!Today our team had a beautiful and successful summit day on La Malinche! We work up early, had a quick breakfast and then hit the trail. We spent a full day under blue skies walking up to the 14,500’ summit of Malinche. The trail started from out little cabanas and wove up braided trails through the forest to tree line then continued on rocks and sand to the summit ridge. It snowed a few days ago which made for muddy trails in the forest and snowy/icy conditions near the summit. Our team practiced solid footwork and demonstrated some athleticism to get up and down safely in those challenging conditions. After our 8 hour climb we jumped in the van and headed to the historic center of Puebla where we went for a beautiful dinner of traditional dishes. We are looking forward to our rest day tomorrow!

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