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Top 5 blogs of 2022: Lessons to take into the new year


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Dec 14, 2023
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Top 5 blogs of 2022: Lessons to take into the new year​

We’re a few days into 2023. Already many of us are trying to keep pace with the “new goals” that come with a fresh slate of 365 days waiting to be written.

Before we dive full force into the new, we’ve looked back at our 2022 blogs to see what rose to the top. The most sought out topics ranged from selecting a workplace model to understanding how to connect better in a remote workplace. While the topics were diverse, at their center is a message we share with all clients: intentionality. Whatever you do, do so intentionally. Then create consistency around those actions. Instead of only opting for “new tools” to achieve 2023’s resolutions and objectives, be intentional and consider the junctures where you can build consistency in your actions and decisions. Pairing intentionality with consistency (not perfection!) will breed the habits and in turn the change you want to see in your organization.

Below we link to the top 5 blog posts from 2022. We hope these spark some discussion around intentions for the year ahead and the ways your remote and hybrid workplace can find continued success in these next 365 days.

1. Factors to Consider When Making Workplace Model Decisions

One of the biggest decisions leaders faced this year was what type of workplace model to adopt. The consequences to the decision were real: 55% of Gartner survey participants indicated their employer’s approach would determine their tenure. But where to start? This post provides an approach to guide organizations in making an intentional decision about their future rather than defaulting to a workplace structure. Where and how to gather input from managers and employees to avoid disconnect between leadership and staff, aligning your organizational values and workplace model, and practical factors to consider before making a decision.

2. 5 Essential Elements for Managing a Multigenerational Workforce

Today’s workplace comprises multiple generations working towards one common goal. While generational labels are helpful to marketers; in the workplace these assumptions about people and their behaviors can short circuit a team’s ability to connect and perform. The 5 essential elements provide a unifying framework from which to unravel intergenerational friction. They help us better understand where our colleague’s intent became misconstrued and how we can recalibrate everyone’s expectations and develop intentionality and consistency in our actions to sidestep discord.

3. 6 Tips for Improving Tone in Virtual Work Communications

Communication is an area where we can all seek continuous improvement. In any workplace, but especially today’s, with so many places and methods to use when communicating, it can be easy to get our signals crossed. Although we’ve come a long way in learning how to read each other over videoconference calls and Teams chats, we may still experience moments where the subtext of our communication and the actual language are out of sync. However, communication breakdowns can become less frequent if we remember to do these 6 things consistently in our communications.

4. How Remote Managers Can Help Employees with Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is pretty widespread among knowledge workers. Asana’s Anatomy of Work 2022 study found just under two-thirds of knowledge workers worldwide experience imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome stems from feelings of not belonging. This can be especially tricky for organizations and leaders to maneuver in a remote workplace where you may not see team members with frequency and where communications need to be more intentional. Here we offer actionable tips for leaders to foster connection and belonging on teams regardless of location.

5. How to Connect on a More Human Level When Working Remotely

Our LinkedIn poll revealed people felt the virtual workplace was “more human” than the office. The pandemic introduced many of us to new sides of our co-workers: their families, pets, living rooms, and their athleisure wear. We opened our computers and in doing so opened up vignettes of ourselves that don’t make a daily appearance at the office. As we move forward, we don’t want to lose that ‘humanness’ we’ve found. This blog post looks at the ways managers can continue to create connection on their teams through intentional and consistent actions that build a deeper trust with their teams.

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